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Modelling To A Character

According to Maslow’s pyramid of personality growth, at the vertex or peak is self-actualization. It is simply the instinct to pass on what one has achieved or gained to another so as to derive immense self-satisfaction. Anything short of it will be considered selfish and ignoble. A legend leaves his footprint for others to follow. Otherwise the exploits however big they may be will not be perceived as legendary. This is what makes the players in the field of pedagogy motivated and inspired to move on. The ability to transport ones speciality to another or to an ensuing generation builds a community around him or her. The keen recipients of the benefactor of unique talents and skills consider that person a model to emulate. 

A driving instructor in Maroubra is in that mould. The knowledge and experience transported is a package for to create similar exponents of the dynamism of motoring. Gone are the days when teaching was confined to the classroom, chalk and the text book. Students see through the person in the tutor, his character, commitments and the personal enthusiasm towards the tutored. He inculcates genuine skills not merely to obtain a certificate but that the initiated could achieve more than what is currently set. This is required as the new generation is yearning for new vistas in anything and everything although they cannot be hundred per cent right in such a thought. Further, generalized concepts may be for the start but the mentor takes pains to delve into diverse models of cars and all vehicles to cater to the individual student’s expectation. Be it SUVs, Pick-ups, Mini Vans, Buses etc., the guide and the tutor sets an ideal model in teaching methods for the upgrading trends.

Students likewise will do well to consider the immense benefits of being under a professional tutor and keep away from the flash-in-the-pan types. As an adage sums it up as ‘adversity is the cradle of creativity’ initially the lessons could be a rough road and void of any relevancy or thrills on the road dreamt of. However, it is in such a disconcerting situation personal in-born hidden abilities begin to surface. For a person who envisages owning a luxurious vehicle that would turn every eye towards him could feel like pulling off the track then and there. But as time goes on, with the constant guidance and encouragement to do the right by the teacher, matters that seemed sour turn into a sweet experience, creating a thirst for more.

Hence, as a driving instructor the professional tutor should consider himself or herself a model to the learners and not simply doing the duty as required. The future of these mostly young learners (with a few exception of older folk), is driven with the picture of the mentor engraved b their minds wherever they go proudly carrying the wit and wisdom of the prototype master.

Tech Gadgets For Your Next Safari Trip Adventure

A safari is always an exciting experience and a great adventure for your family. You could be walking in the footsteps of some great explorers from centuries ago, experiencing endangered wild life or seeing the deserts of the world. You may want to re-live these incredible experiences from the comfort of your home one day.

Below is a checklist of modern tech gear you will want to purchase and take with you in order to record those important and magical moments of your trip.

Image capture

In order to capture professional still pictures, the best camera you could purchase is a DSLR camera with a zoom lens and optical image stabilization. This camera will allow you to get up close and personal with your surroundings, capturing incredible images of wildlife and fauna. Your image stabilization lens will prevent your pictures from becoming shaken and blurred.

If you are on a budget and do not intend to take close ups, then alternatively you could purchase a high quality digital camera that is at least twelve to fifteen mega pixels.

If you love your gadgets and want to get the utmost out of your trip then your next option would be to purchase a drone. These little gadgets can take aerial surveys of the area and give you an overhead picture of the wildlife. Drones additionally have the ability to produce excellent video coverage that could be documentary worthy. It would be a good investment to take a short course that will teach you the techniques of flying a drone in order to capture breath taking videos.

Do not forget to pack your binoculars; the best way to spot any wildlife is the use of these helpful little gadgets that will give you a heads-up to take that great picture.


When you are travelling long distances the best way to keep you entertained is to carry a slim and portable entertainment device with you such as an i-pod nano. If you intend to live share your trip with friends and family, a slim laptop would be ideal to transfer all images from your DSLR and the aerial surveys from your drone. You might consider video blogging your entire trip and uploading it on your youtube channel as well. It is vital to carry extra battery packs and power backs with you to avoid missing out on any great footage. These are essential items as you will be using so much power on the go that the gadgets may run out juice at a vital moment.

Health & safety

Bug sprays, mosquito repellant and a small first aid kit are a must for safaris as you are very likely to face unknown dangers in the wilderness. Make sure to have a great pair of sunglasses that block the ultra violet rays of the sun and a hat to keep off the direct sun. Lip balm, a rain coat, comfortable air cushioned and hiking shoes are a few more essentials that will prevent injury and discomfort during your safari. If you are looking for a UAV pilot training visit this link for details.